About Us

HistoriFigs is a miniatures production company and was founded in January of 2003. Our original focus was classic war game miniatures (originals from the 60’s though the early 80’s). Later in the year we began producing a selection of Lance Runolfsson’s Bloodaxe miniatures.

In mid 2004 we launched the first of our own line of figures, starting with 28mm original creations by Tony Aldrich. later in 2004 we began to offer custom casting and production services. In late 2004 we introduced our first science fiction and fantasy themed miniatures.

September 2005: HistoriFigs relocates to Wisconsin and is back in operation by Febuary of 2006.

In June of 2006 HistoriFigs launches the new Blasted Planets line of, 25mm, science fiction themed miniatures.

In late September 2007, HistoriFigs acquires the Resistant Roosters line of 15mm World War II miniatures.

In late 2015, HistoriFigs hits the reset button…
Changes are on the way!