More Shop Work…

A few more pictures from the shop with some commentary.

Saturday was a busy day. Some farm chores, prep for Sunday casting and a 5 mile race. I won’t bore you with the chores or the race. I’ll just start with a peek at casting prep.

We start with a worksheet, a mold book and begin pulling molds. For this session we will be casting some 45mm Napoleonic and 25mm Crimean War figures.

A light casting schedule this week, so just a few molds. However we had one lost sheep… Gotta keep hunting, as I know we have the mold, but for now I’m a mold short for my casting run.

We come to Sunday morning. The view outside the shop first thing in the morning:

Looks like I have a bit of work to do outside before I start casting…

Plow work done. Time to start casting. But first. I need to thaw out the air lines. A little moisture in the line has frozen and won’t allow air to flow…

The sun has come out. And now a quick look at a mold before figures are removed.

A little later we have some progress. The brown mold is an old mold, over 40 years old. In this case we are using it as a guide to which figures are which, the new mold wasn’t fully marked.

Here we have completed the casting of the 45mm Napoleonic figures. They still need a bit of touch-up before packing, but casting is complete.

More casting completed. 25mm Crimean War here.

I forgot to mention that the lost sheep was found! Strangely filed with the 30mm AWI range? How? Who knows? Anyhow the missing 25J-10 mold has joined in the casting fun. You might notice the 11/84 date on the mold. This is when the mold was made. As you can see this mold is more than 30 years old. It still works well. Maybe a bit fiddly; some flash, but that is easily cleaned up.

And here we are, late afternoon and casting is complete. The 45mm figures have been packed and the 25mm Crimean War figures will be packed out tomorrow night for shipping on Wednesday.